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What is the write size?

by Guest Writer Penn’orth Write Size part one Pretty much everyone receives mailings, most of which end in the recycle bin (destined to add to carbon emissions and waste resources the junk mail I receive is shredded and get tossed into our compost bin in our garden Every so often

What is the write size

Is this the most successful Pen In The World

by Guest Writer Penn’orth In the beginning (see my other blog, Solved – who invented he fountain pen) when fountain pens were beginning to exert real influence across the world, and yet were basically two tubes, a feeder and a nib, the unpredictable nature of the manufacturing process with a difficult material

Is this the most successful in the world

How To Clean a Fountain Pen

Over time, dust, and other particles of dried ink can build up in the nib and feed. This can have a significant impact on how the pen preforms. You will find that the ink doesn’t flow as smoothly.

How To Clean A Fountain Pen

A Blot On History The Evolution of Ink

by Guest Writer Penn’orth Ink is employed in a myriad of differing and diverse situations, yet it has a singular task – that of conveying information from entity to another without the need for either to meet.

A Blot On History The Evolution Of Ink

Solved! Who Invented The Fountain Pen

by Guest Writer Penn’orth Poking around on the internet recently, searching for some information about an obscure pen, I was not surprised to read some questionable statements, but was surprised at how many there were!

Who invented The Fountain Pen