The 10 Best Celebrity Signature’s of All Time

14th March 2018

Signatures play a significant part in a celebrity’s life, from a red carpet event to going for their weekly shop. Celebrities are bombarded by fans to sign there items. In an interview, David Beckham once reviled he signed a man’s jockstrap at a football match. Depending on what pen you use, this will alter how your signature will turn out.  Here are some of the best celebrity signatures and autographs over the years:

Michel Jackson

Michael Jackson

Michel Jackson also known as the king of pop rose to fame in the early 1970’s with the hit single “Got to be there” featuring his brothers in the band called The Jackson 5. Jackson was an Icon and considered to be the most talented and successful artist ever. Michel unfortunately passed away on the 25th June 2009. Michel was a creative genius. You can tell by his signature, he had an amazing imagination.

Jackson Signature

Diego Maradona


Maradona, famously known for the hand of god goal against England in the 1986 world cup, made his first professional, international debut in 1979. Maradona is from Argentinian decent and is to be considered as one of the most significant players of his generation. He is a pioneer for the sport and was a fantastic entertainer with the ball. As you can see in his signature he has the number 10, this represents the number he had on his jersey when he was playing football. He has never used any other number.


maradona signature

Marilyn Monroe

marilyn monroe

Monroe born on June 1st 1926 also known as “Norma Jeane Baker” was an extremely talented woman. She modeled, sung and acted. She was idolized by her dedicated fans. Born in America, she became one of the most well know sex symbol of the 1950s.  She sadly passed away on the 5th August 1962, she was only 36. As you can tell by the way she signed her name, she was a sophisticated, confident and independent women.

marilyn monroe signature


Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Disney, famous for his children animated films was loved by millions of people round the world. Even though his face isn’t commonly recognisable, his signature was and still is defiantly well known. Before any Disney film starts, his signature is displayed. This is a sign of respect and to remember how much he has impacted our lives.

Walt_Disney signature


Donald Trump


Donald trump, known for his controversial views on politics and for being the 45th president of the United States has a very unique yet oddly satisfying signature. It almost looks like a lie detector test reading! When making million dollar deals in his younger days, he has had a lot of practice signing checks and other financial documents. whether or not you like him or don’t, you can’t deny he has a great signature.


Bruce Lee

Bruce lee

Bruce Lee, the icon that created the martial art Jeet Kune do is still to this day considered as being the best kung fu fighter of all time. Lee was a talented actor that stared in films like “Enter the Dragon” and “Fist of Fury”. Born on the 27th November 1940, Lee unfortunately passed away 32 years later with a Cerebral edema. Bruce lee was my hero growing up. I remember trying to recreate his scenes and making nun chucks out of toilet paper. He will be sorely missed. As you can see, his signature almost replicate his Kung fu moves.

Bruce lee


Will Smith

will smith

West Philadelphia was where he was born and raised, on the playground was where he spend most of his days. Will Smith famously known for his role in hit TV series The Fresh Price of Bel Air, is a talented actor that has stared in many hit Hollywood films such as Men in Black and I am Legend. Smith’s signature is quite unique. He uses a rotated W so his signature stands out and people can identify it easily.

will smith


Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West rose to fame in January 2004 with his hit album Kon The Louis Vuitton Don. West now married to the modelling sensation Kim Kardashian and with three kids has become a true family man. Over the years, West has created a name for himself and has become one of the best known rappers of all time. As you can see in his signature, he is extremely proud of his brand. It clearly displays the Yeezy Bear.

kanye signature


Emma Watson

Emma watson

The Acting sensation grew to fame when she stared in the very successful “Harry Potter and the Philosopher stone (2001)” . The franchise has become one of the most successful of all time. The actor that played Hermione Granger has also stared in films such as “Beauty and the Beast” and “The Circle” . As you can see, her signature has changed over the years however, with just a “swish and flick”, you can still see the iconic E at the beginning.


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, Boxing legend and most famously know for biting Evander Holyfield’s ear during a fight has had an impressive professional career. With 50 wins and only 6 losses, Mike is easily up there with some of the greatest (Muhammad Ali, Evander Holyfield etc). With a reputation Mike has created for himself being the hard man, he has a very sophisticated yet elegant signature.

Mike Tyson Signature

If there’s a signature that you think deserves a place on our list, let us know by leaving a comment below.

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Best Pen Ideas and Concepts for the Future

5th April 2018

Pens have come a long way over the years. What initially started as sticks cavemen would use to mark a rock or draw in dirt has developed into the pen we know – a product used worldwide on a daily basis. A fairly recent development – Smart pens, offer the additional functionality of converting your writing into a digital form you can use on a computer.

Pen Ideas and Concepts

Searching the internet returned numerous pen ideas and concepts of varying ingenuity and inventiveness. We have chosen the pen concepts we hope become a reality in the future which you can find below.

Compose Concept Pen

compose concept pen

Photo credit –

Convert audio/singing recorded with the pen into “digital” sheet music

The compose pen concept allows you to record audio via the pen, whether that be actual music or singing. You then dock the pen, allowing the device to transcribe the audio into sheet music on the digital display. You can then modify the sheet music directly on the display using the pen. This pen would be ideal for both music beginners and enthusiasts. It can turn that random jingle you come up with whilst on the move into a digital melody.

Recorder Pen Concept

Digital Recorder Concept Pen

Photo credit –

Convert text as you write to digital form for processing via a computer

This beautiful concept allows you to take notes the traditional way (good ol’ pen and paper) whilst creating a digital “backup”. The digital backup can later be modified via computer. Words are converted whilst you write and sent to a connected digital device, such as a smartphone or laptop. You can then use your handwritten notes in digital form to send as a an email, add to your favourite note taking app or edit in a word processor. This device would be a great tool for those who prefer to take notes via pen and paper. It takes away the distraction of using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Technically, this product already exists in the form of a Smart Pen – and so isn’t a concept anymore but a reality. However, these products at the moment, do not work as intended or don’t work as optimally as they could. Words can be distorted, written incorrectly or missed completely. Voice recognition was invented in the 1970s. Over 40 years later the technology still leaves me shouting furiously at my smart phone after it’s tried to call “Brad” and not “Dad”. If this device worked consistently and was priced correctly, I personally believe it would become a worldwide game changer. It could become as common as a smart phone or a wallet.

Pendragon Multi functional Pen Concept

pendragon concept pen

Photo credit –

The bluetooth and wifi enabled ballpoint, fountain pen and mechanical pencil

The Pendragon concept is an amazing idea. Firstly, it’s called Pendragon – stop talking and take my money already. Secondly it’s modular unlike other multifunctional pens on the market. Thirdly it features both several types of pen and various digital functions, combining them into one product. The Pendragon features:

  • ballpoint pen
  • fountain pen
  • mechanical pencil
  • stylus
  • LED light
  • music player
  • charger input
  • memory card slot
  • camera
  • laser pointer
  • microphone
  • WiFi enabled

You simply choose your feature by connecting the desired module. This concept not only looks great but if put into production would offer nearly as many features as a smartphone plus combine the latest technology with the ancient art of writing.

Pen Projector Concept

Photo credit –

The Pen that converts any flat surface into your own personal cinema

The function of this product is fairly self explanatory – it is both a writing instrument and a projector. Projectors are a costly investment and generally more expensive than pens; disguising your pocket cinema as a pen can prevent theft and replace your current pen, meaning you don’t have to carry any additional items in your pockets.

Emotion Reactive Pen Concept

emotion reactive pen concept

The pen that adjusts to your mood

Phillips, the technology giants, filed a patent for a pen that could record your temperature, how firmly you’re gripping the pen and your heart beat. The pen will then react to your mood, making a number of adjustments such as changing the flow of ink, adjusting the flexibility of the nib, modifying the colour of ink and changing how consistently the ink flows to create a more loose writing style. Phillips believes your mood will be further expressed through your writing, transforming the look of love letters, thank you letters and stories.

Fingerprint Enabled Concept Pen

bio metric fingerprint pen

The pen that only you can write with

Everyone likes personalised products, whether it’s an embroidered towel with your name on or a phone case featuring your favourite picture. What’s not to like about a pen that only you can use? A fingerprint enabled pen would use bio-metric technology to only allow ink to flow if the user’s fingerprint can be verified. Such a feature would help prevent theft as there’s no point in stealing a pen you can’t use. Plus it could be used for enhanced security such as for ensuring the correct person is signing an important document.

Self refilling pen concept

self refilling pen concept

The pen that refills itself as you use it

One of the annoying features of using a pen is that eventually you either need to refill the ink or dispose of it. Ink refills are far more convenient than the tedious process of constantly refilling a quill or dip pen. However, imagine how convenient not having to refill your pen again would be. This concept, and let me stress this is a concept, would extract moisture and pigments naturally occurring in the air around us, convert it to ink and store it within the barrel of the pen. In a world with an increasing focus on recycling and where, according to the EPA, Americans throw away 1.6 billion disposable pens every year, this pen could also help reduce global plastic waste.

A drawback I can foresee is the ink would have to be water based plus extracting colour pigments from the air isn’t something I would have thought is possible. Nonetheless, a pen that never runs out would be a game changer in the writing instrument market.

Our shop offers a wide choice of refills for a range of popular pens and brands.

Power Bank Pen

power bank pen

The pen that keeps your mobile phone charged

Mobile phones are at a stage in their evolution where parts and features use more power than a typical battery can provide over the course of the day. In fact, 90% of people suffer from “Low Battery Anxiety”, worrying about their phone running out of battery. Portable chargers are becoming increasingly popular, but why carry an extra product in your bag/pocket than you need to? The Power Bank Pen would, as the name suggests, combine a power bank with a pen to give your phone that extra bit of juice in an emergency. Fine writing enthusiasts might be perturbed by the additional weight in the barrel but a small multi functional power bank that fits in a pocket would be appealing to most smartphone users.

Conclusion – The Future is Already Here

The pen has remained a popular everyday product over the last 100 years. In this time inventions such as typewriters, MySpace and fax machines have come and gone, but the humble pen has remained. The fact that the pen is so common, popular and portable will always make the pen susceptible to a redesign or renovation. After much research on the internet it quickly became apparent that most of the decent concept ideas for pens were in fact already a reality. Pens of note which have achieved their goal of going from concept to reality are:

  • “Colour Picker Pen” – this pen lets you digitally scan any colour and then write in that colour
  • “Dictionary Pen” – this pen scans any written word and then gives you the definition on a built in display
  • “Prison Pen” – a pen bends under slight pressure ensuring prisoners can’t use it as a weapon
  • “LongPen” – using a series of sensors and mechanisms, the “LongPen” replicates a signature in one location whilst the person writes in another location. This enables celebrities to sign autographs from across the world

What pen would you like to see make it into production? Leave your comments below…

You can find the latest pens and stationery products on Online Shop

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8 Simple way’s to Prevent your Hand Aching when Writing

21st March 2018

Often when faced with mountains of paperwork, homework or even just sketching, your hands will undoubtedly start to ache. Here are some useful everyday tips you can use to stop this from happening.

A hand

1)Take Breaks

Taking small frequent breaks in a long session of writing or sketching will most definitely help reduce the amount your hand will ache. This is due to relaxing the muscles which will help prevent a repetitive strain injury in your wrist and fingers. Taking frequent breaks will also help you focus when you return from a break due to refreshing your mind and having a clear vision of what must be done. The time you take your breaks will depend on how long you plan to work on a task. For example, if you plan on working on a task for an hour, you should take a 5 minute beak every 15 minutes.

Coffee break

2)Improving your posture

Practising good posture when holding your pen will dramatically have an impact on how long you can write for without your hand hurting. By having a comfortable grip on your pen or pencil, you find yourself gaining some rhythm and flow whilst writing. People commonly hold their pen incorrectly (find out how to hold your pen correctly), this will often strain parts of their hand and cause the individual to stop midway through a task.

Hand posture

3)Stretch your hands

Before starting a long period of writing or sketching, it is recommended that you stretch your fingers and warm your hands. This stimulates blood flow improving flexibility and reducing stiffness.

Stretching hand

With both hands, grab each finger one by one and bend upwards so the tip is facing up. Do this twice for each finger.  You then interlock each finger and push forward until you feel a slight strain.

wrist stretch

View the Video

4)Shake it out

After stretching each individual finger, it is vital to shake the tension out. This will help relieve any existing pain or irritation and help increase blood circulation, resulting in a more relaxed hand and therefore better posture.


5)What pen do you use?

If you are using a pen for a long period of time, it is vital that you have a pen with a comfy grip and a sturdy barrel. My preference is the Pilot Capless. This pen gives you an unusual yet extremely comfortable grip due to the clip being in the same place as your figures should be. The creators have cleverly designed the sophisticated pen to look the part and to also perform to its best ability. Choosing the right pen mainly depends on the individual’s hand.

Lot's of pens

6)Staying Hydrated

Dehydration is usually the common cause of musculature cramps and pain. Muscle cramps can also be caused by lack of potassium and vitamin D. Increasing the intake of these vital vitamins in your diet can have a positive impact on your hands cramping in the future. Drinking water plays a significant part in helping all aspects of your body to function properly.

Glass of water

7)Angle of the paper

Getting the correct positioning of the paper is vital for avoiding arm or hand pains and cramps. Each person is different and has different opinions of how they should position paper on the table. As I am right handed, I’d have the paper angled to the left (angled right for lefthanders).

Having another piece of paper underneath the one you are writing on, will help grip and will also heighten the overall sensation and experience. You won’t be able to feel the wood grains through the paper. When writing with a single sheet of paper, there is a chance that you can rip through and ruin any work you have already done.


8)Using the right pen for you

Everyone has a different opinion of what feels comfortable and what doesn’t. When selecting the right pen, you must keep in mind: budget, size of pen, nib size and cartridge capacity. Visit our blog on How to Hold a Pen Correctly. Using a decent pen rather than a free promotional pen really helps. Promotional pens are designed to only last a short period of time whereas pens that cost money are more than likely going to last for a long time.

Different pens


Some individuals think the best way to prevent their hands and wrists from aching is by taking long breaks, others say stretching their figures and wrist is better. I think by trying all tips provided, will give you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t. When I attempted to try these tips, I found that drinking water had a significant impact on the way I was feeling when I was writing. I had more energy and better concentration. Please comment below, what worked for you?

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Conklin Pens Now In!

19th February 2018


The Conklin Pen Company

The Conklin pen originated in Ohio, 1898 by a man named Roy Conklin. Conklin pens are considered to be one of the most prestigious and significant writing instruments; a fine portrayal of American design. The unique and quirky design pattern on each pen is truly stunning. From intricate patterns to multi colours, it’s aesthetically pleasing and a treat to look at. Each Conklin pen is a great representation of hand crafted talent. At Pens Etc, we only stock pens that are designed for longevity and are comfortable for our customers to write with. This is why we supply a wide range of them.

Conklin Pens

View our wide range of in Conklin Pen’s here

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Paper Diaries vs Digital Planners and Online Calendars

10th November 2017

Paper Planner
For years people have had to plan their time and keep some form of a diary and now there are more “planning” tools than ever. Initially starting as a plain paper book, the diary later evolved into a chronological dated book dedicated to each year. Now, with the rise of technology, digital planners and online calendars are the latest editions to the “diary” family. Not only are there multiple electronic devices available; there are an abundance of third party apps offering a variety of features to suit individual needs. Technological and online solutions are often seen as a superior solution to predecessors however, is this the case when it comes to diaries?

Why bother with an old fashioned diary?

Some people genuinely will have no idea why anyone would waste their time using an “old school”, “prehistoric” and “dated” way to organise their time, making statements like:

“why would you write anything down, there’s an app for that!”

“well it might work for you but can your diary notify you on 5 different devices?”

“a diary won’t fit in your pocket but a phone will”.

But paper diaries have worked for people for years and based on records have been used for over a millennia. They have helped humanity evolve. The question shouldn’t be “why use a paper planner?” but should be “why would you not use a tried, tested and proven way of planning?”.

fountain pen and diary

Benefits of Using a Paper Diary

Before the 2000’s I wouldn’t have to justify the positives of a paper diary – there would be no true digital rival. It was the “go to” organisational tool for millions of people. The current era, as aforementioned, now offers a wealth of digital alternatives but that doesn’t mean that a paper planner doesn’t have it’s advantages.

To effectively use a diary, you need the diary itself, and a pen or pencil. Good diaries will include a clip or loop to store your pen within the diary. With just the diary and writing instrument, you can use your diary for months. It doesn’t need battery power, it doesn’t need charging every day and it doesn’t require a network connection. It’s simplicity and lack of technology is it’s major benefit.

No Annoying Notifications

With a diary, you can view appointments and look back at what you’ve done when it suits you. You’re diary doesn’t ping, it doesn’t light up and it doesn’t vibrate. It’s there to look at when you want to. A busy day can quickly feel more congested if you have constant pop ups and reminders informing you of what you need to do and what appointments you have.

The last benefit to mention is that everything is now technology based. The average day for a working individual may be something like:

  • alarm goes off in the morning
  • check preferred news website to keep up with current affairs
  • check emails once at work
  • use spreadsheets and word processors throughout the day
  • call significant other on the way home from work
  • turn on the TV at home whilst browsing the internet on a tablet or phone
  • look up a recipe for dinner
  • look for something to do at the weekend
  • finally, once in bed, drift off to sleep whilst reading an E-book

Constantly being “connected” via a phone, tablet or laptop is becoming a regular occurrence and can add to stress without you even realising. Taking a break from technology and bright screens to use a paper diary can do the world of good for both your mentality and your eyesight.

It’s also proven that writing things down is a more effective way of remembering – see our post “Is it Better to Type and Touch or Write and Mark?“.

Digital Calendar

Benefits of Using Digital Planners and Online Calendars

The “techies” reading this post will, most likely, disagree with the benefits listed above. However, there are both very obvious and less obvious benefits to using technology as a calendar, diary or digital planner.

A calendar app, such as Google Calendar, has far more space to add details to appointments. You can include when an event starts and finishes, where the event is, add your contacts to the event and add custom notes such as “remember rain coat”. All this information would not fit into a section on a diary page, and maybe not even a full page, especially if you have multiple events/appointments in one day.

Calendar Syncing

Another major plus digital solutions have over pen and paper is the option to add other people to an event or appointment. Syncing with colleagues, friends or loved ones calendars offers a multitude of benefits including notifying everyone an hour before an appointment. Also, one person can create the appointment to update everyone’s calendar rather than everyone having to write it down themselves in their own diary. A synced calendar is great for both the workplace, families and relationships allowing everyone to remain in sync, organised and up to date on what each other is doing.

Reminders and notifications also offer an advantage which diaries can’t. Birthdays for example, you can receive a notification on all your devices both a week before, 2 days before and on the day. This reminds you to buy a birthday present and card in advance, post the card 2 days before and send a Happy Birthday message on the day. Equivalent reminders in a written diary would have to be written down four times, showing the digital solution in this instance both saves time and effort. Not only does it save time, but your notification can be set up to pop up on all devices reducing the chances of you missing a reminder.

Cloud Storage

Cloud and Online Backup

Most calendar apps will sync online, automatically creating a mirrored backup in the cloud. Don’t have your phone or tablet with you? Log into your calendar online via an internet browser. If you don’t have your diary with you, there’s no online backup and no way to view appointments/events. If you get a new phone or upgrade your tablet, once logged into your calendar app you immediately have access to all your appointments again.

The last advantage of online calendars I’ll mention is that you can have recurring appointments. What’s the first thing you do when you get a new diary or calendar? You add the birthdays of those important to you. With the digital counterpart, Birthdays and other specified events automatically recur each year. This means you only need to add these to your calendar the once.


Paper Diaries

  • No wires, chargers or network needed
  • Tried and trusted for hundreds of years
  • No annoying notifications
  • Gives you a break from technology
  • Writing things down is good for your memory

Online Calendars

  • More scope to go into detail on appointments/events
  • Cloud sync/backup
  • Saves time
  • Add and notify other people to event/appointment
  • Easily add recurring events such as Birthdays

There are pluses and negatives for both methods of maintaining an online calendar and diary. The best solution will always come down to the individual. If you’re tired of your phone constantly buzzing and beeping, a diary will give you a break. If it’s convenient to have everything you need in one place, including your calendar, on your phone, then why carry an extra item everywhere? The choice of which method is best is down to you; both methods work, it’s simply down to which benefits appeal to you.

In our shop we offer a range of diaries and personal planners as well as compact pens designed for using with touch screens.

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One response to “Paper Diaries vs Digital Planners and Online Calendars”

  1. my diary says:

    I’ve gone back to using a paper diary years ago. I was fed up with losing everything because my phone broke. My wife usually gives me a personalised diary for Christmas with all her favourite pictures from last year. I’m already excited what’s in my photo diary 2018, there’s usually some photos in there I haven’t seen before (no, nothing naughty if you were thinking that).

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