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New in Conklin Pen’s!

Conklin Pens Now In!

28th November 2017

The Conklin pen originated in Ohio, 1898 by a man named Roy Conklin. The Conklin pen is considered to be one of the most prestigious and significant writing instruments; a fine portrayal of American design. The unique and quirky design pattern on each pen is truly stunning. From intricate... read more

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Is this the most successful pen in the world

Is this the most successful pen in the world?

28th November 2017

In the beginning (see my other blog, Solved – who invented he fountain pen) when fountain pens were beginning to exert real influence across the world, and yet were basically two tubes, a feeder and a nib, the unpredictable nature of the manufacturing process with a difficult material (black, hard,... read more

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battle of the ballpoints

Bic vs Staedtler – The Battle of the Ballpoint

28th November 2017

Ballpoint pens are one of the most commonly used writing instruments due to their durability, cost and versatility. The Bic Crystal and Staedtler Stick are the two more commonly purchased ballpoints so we thought it was a good start to compare these. The main points of this review are based around the... read more

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