The Napkin 4 Ever Neverending Perpetual Pencil Review

The Napkin Perpetual Pencil has been available on Pens Etc for a while now.

The product includes 1 revolutionary everlasting Napkin Never-ending Pencil including a beautiful gift box. The pencil colours available are Titanium, Aluminium, Black & Air Force Blue. This unique product is a great gift for writing instrument lovers or for those who appreciate ingenious design.

The Napkin 4.Ever Pencil writes perpetually and requires no ink , no refill and absolutely no sharpening…ever! This really is a revolutionary product for those people in fields which require the use of a pencil everyday. It’s unfortunate however that despite the pencil being everlasting in nature that the pencil can still be just as easily lost as any other pencil however I can understand how Napkin did not market around the phrase “write perpetually…unless you lose it!”

The Design and Function of the Napkin 4.Ever Pencil

The secret behind this pen writing forever is all down to the nib. It has a patented metal tip, which is realized in Ethergraf®, a material patented by Napkin and is a constructed alloy of metals, and is 100% made in Italy by a team of Goldsmiths. The stylus itself is manufactured from a light weight aluminium.

Inspired by Da Vinci’s use of a silver tipped stylus which left indelible marks on a specific paper. This ever lasting pencil has come a long way since the initial concept designs, moving from an overdone, hard to use pencil to a beautiful easy to use pencil

The Napkin 4.Ever Perpetual Pencil received a special mention in GranDesignEtico 2012 for its passion, style and genius.

The Napkin pencil comes with a beautifully stylish gift box making it a great present for writing instrument lovers, artists & mechanics or anyone who would benefit from not having to sharpen their pencil again!

View the Napkin 4.Ever Neverending Pencil on Pens Etc here

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