Picking the Perfect Pen Gift

It is never easy to find that special someone the perfect gift. Finding that perfect gift for Christmas, Birthdays or Special Occasions can often be time consuming and demanding. Here are some tips and advice on how to choose the perfect pen as a gift for someone.

When selecting the perfect pen, you must keep the individuals specification in mind (Age, Gender, and Hobbies) as there are a number of different types of pens. For example, the stereotypical colours, blue being for boys and pink for girls. The table below displays the similarities and differences that both males and females have when picking their favourite colour. Surprisingly the table says that that the colour blue is the most popular colour for both genders. This can help determine what colour you select when buying your pen. The safer option would to be to purchase a pen that both male and female find attractive, colour such as: Black, Red or Blue. Although your gift isn’t as personal as it could be, this could be a safer option to take if you’re unfamiliar with the gift receiver’s preference.


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You should think about what the individual interests are. For example: Sports, Music or Art. Consider what colour clothes they wear, as some people like wearing bright and bold colours so a bright coloured pen would suit a more extravagant character. On the other hand, some people may wear suits and dark coloured clothes and would prefer a darker colour pen for a more professional look.

You should also assess which situation they will use the pen (Signatures, note taking or even education). This is the most significant part of purchasing a pen for another person. For example, if you’re getting a pen for someone that needs it for educational purposes, you’d be better off purchasing a cheaper yet comfortable pen. If you’re getting a pen for someone knowing that they are using it for signatures or professional reasons, you would look to purchase a more high-end prestigious pen (Fountain Pen). By considering when and where the pen will be used you are purchasing a gift that will get used, not just sit in a drawer somewhere.

When someone gives you a thoughtful gift, you immediately know what and how the person feels about you. The perfect pen should resemble the individual’s personality. The recipient should know that the person thought about them. A gift that says something about who they are, what they do with their time and what they think or believe, leaves both the gift giver and gift receiver feeling good about the whole experience. By considering personality and thinking about the gift receiver you are buying a gift that will both bring a smile on the special day and be used for years to come.

You could take the individuals culture into consideration, for example, it is a known fact that the Chinese take pride in their “Hanzi” writing technique. Hanzi is an ancient traditional method of writing religious scripts. Another example would be the Weston culture where pens have become more of a fashion statement rather than being owned for function.

It has been said that pens have become the world’s most collected item. This is due to the simplicity of the product or the natural passion for pens the individual has. For collectors, limited edition pens and timeless pens would be ideal!

I recently received a Parker pen on my birthday which I was extremely thankful for, and now I use it on a daily basis for things like jotting down notes to drawing and sketching in my free time. I have a functional gift that I constantly use that reminds me that someone cares about me.

Have you got any personal tips on buying the perfect pen as a gift? Please share your thoughts below…

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