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What is the write size? (Part 1)

What is the write size
This blog was last modified on the 08 August 2017 at 12:36pm

by Guest Writer Penn’orth

Write Size part one

Pretty much everyone receives mailings, most of which end in the recycle bin (destined to add to carbon emissions and waste resources the junk mail I receive is shredded and get tossed into our compost bin in our garden Every so often, there is something about the mailshot that catches your eye. In this instance it is a modest sized A5 brochure full colour six paged from a company called Write Size grabbed my attention, quite why I don’t know.

The Brochure emanated from a company called Write Size who were advertising their range of different sized pencils which the Company claims help children who are learning to write to establish a good grip which in turn helps their writing to ‘flow’.

At this point, I must declare an interest. I am deeply concerned about the ‘Educators’ across many parts the world who are charging head along towards the abandonment of handwriting in favour of only teaching keyboarding skills – to the detriment of developing in-depth understanding of language and the ability to use much more precision in employing words, not just through a spell checkers suggestions.

Therefore, any one who seeks to encourage the development and use of writing by hand is to be applauded.

Now Back to Write Size

The innovation by Write Size is to initially produce a range of pencils in three different sizes that have been scaled to fit children’s hands better, helping the youngsters to feel more comfortable

The pencils are ‘scaled’ for 2 to 6 years, 6 to ten years and over ten years old

It is also good that the company is supporting education in developing African countries too!

I do have a little concern which may be dispersed when I am able to use the pencils up close. As the pencil is used and is sharpened then the length, weight (a little) and the whole feel probably will shift and change. I would be vey interested to see how such a pencil alters during its life.

For the moment it is ‘Thumbs up’ for innovation and another for encouraging and supporting children to write.

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