Benefits of Colouring

Benefits of colouring

There are many different reasons as to why colouring books have become so popular with adults. There are both mental and physical benefits. For example, colouring simulates brain areas related to motor skills, senses and creativity allowing the centre of your brain to relax. This is beneficial due to it giving your amygdala (centre of brain) periodic rests and it has been found to reduces your stress and anxiety levels. Shading can help improve your creativity. This would be beneficial to adults as they have been labelled by professors from university of Toronto as being “Not as creative as most children”. It gives adults a chance to show off their creativity and imagination. When you are slightly older and have more experience of the world and your surroundings, you become less imaginative. Children are more creative because they haven’t had many life experiences and they let their imagination run wild.

Benefits of Colouring

Colouring therapy for Alzheimer’s

There are many different techniques that can help Alzheimer’s. Proven by professors from the University of Toronto, partaking in colouring sessions or painting sessions can help regain small amount of memory. Creative activities such as colouring and painting promotes “health brain”, activity by stimulating curiosity and self-belief by encouraging individuals to express themselves through colour. It is amazing how something so simple as colouring can have such a positive impact on an individual.

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Does colouring help insomnia?

Over the years, I have tried to find ways to help myself fall asleep. I have used everything from counting sheep to listening to soothing music. In my opinion, I think there is nothing that works better than colouring in. I have recommended this to some of my friends and some said it worked. This has had a significant impact on my everyday life. I was previously moody in the mornings and was falling asleep midday. When I started to colour and got into a rhythm I felt drowsy and my eyes started to close automatically. This was due to the wide range of tranquil colours I was using. Because of this, I am now ready and motivated in the mornings and no longer feel tired throughout the day.


Does colouring help anger and stress problems?

Most people have the potential to be creative. However, sometimes our imaginations are held back by social expectations, daily life, and restricted time to do things. The more educated we are, the more often we will prefer to look at things the way they are supposed to be, rather than allowing our minds to wander over imaginative possibilities. For example how would something look if it was in a different shape or colour?

If you’re trying to find a way to relieve stress, consider setting aside a bit of time each week to colour a few pages of your adult colouring book. Their abstract, symmetrical patterns have been designed with grown-up stress relief in mind. When your eyes follow the sophisticated shapes, this automatically sends a message to your brain telling it to relax. It also helps when you use tranquil colours such as: baby blue and light green.

Stress and other benefits

Do you think adult colouring books work? Please share your tips and experiences in the comments below.


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