Interesting Facts About Pens

Facts about pens

Writing instruments have been used in all kinds of ways for thousands of years. At Pens Etc we just can’t get enough of pens so we’ve compiled a fantastic list of interesting facts about pens and writing instruments.

1. Invention of the Fountain Pen

A man named Petrache Poenaru created the Fountain pen on May 25th, 1827, he invented the fountain pen while he was in school in Paris and wanted a way to continue note taking without stopping to dip in ink. Petrache Poenaru was a Romanian inventor of the Enlightenment era.

Fountain Pen


2. Invention of Gel Pens

In the early 1980s, gel ink was first created by a company called “Sakura Colour products corp” or as some may know it as SCPC. This company was based in Osaka Japan. The first ever gel pen was developed by the same company. Several weeks after successfully completing creating the first gel pen, news came from the US that they were too creating gel pens.


3. Why are Pencils Yellow?

Ever since 1890s, pencils where painted yellow. This is due to the Chinese associating the colour yellow to royalty and respect. American pencil manufacturers began painting their pencils bright yellow to communicate this “regal” feeling and association with China. Now even in the 21st century, we still use this method today.

Yellow pencil

4. Fountain Pen Appearance

Although fountain pens are available in a variety of different  styles that where offering unique features, each is comprised of the same basic components: the nib, or point; the barrel, which holds the ink reservoir, and the cap, which fits over the nib of the pen to protect it from harm. Ink flows from the reservoir to the nib at a composed rate of flow by means of a force called capillary attraction.

fountain pen

5. Before Pens

Humans have used numerous different tools to jot down there feelings or opinions. Man’s first writing tool was the finger, using it to form symbols in the dirt. Later, pieces of metal or bone were used. Ancient Greeks used a stylus to mark on wax-coated writing tablets, while early Egyptians used hollow reeds as writing tools and papyrus as their writing surface.


6. Do Left Handers Multi-task Better Than Right Handers

It has been said that if you’re quicker at video games, sporting events, or other activities that require simultaneous responses, you’re probably left handed! This involves writing with your left hand and using your left hand for more things. Studies are finding that the major connection between the left and right brain is stronger in left-handers. It has also been said that right hand users are more academic. Do you agree with that?

Left hand

7. Markers

Markers, serve a variety of purposes. Children use them to make bright, colourful drawings. The stereotypical teacher uses a glaring, unmistakable red felt-tip to grade papers. It has been said that the highlighter ink was stored in a factory in japan. Nobody new what it was. Its appearance was bright and thick. In the 1870s, the owner decided to sell this ink to business and that was how the marker was made.


8. Future Of Pens

As touchscreens on tablets and phones and keyboards on computers continue to evolve, it makes writing less and less essential. Now that we have this kind of technology available, the fashion of using pens to take notes may not be needed. This may lead to the extinction of pens.

9. The Most Expensive Pen In The World

Did you know that the Aurora Diamante is the most expensive writing instrument till date. It retails at $1,470,600.  The pen contains over 30 carats of De Beerss diamonds on a solid platinum barrel.


10. Most Sold Pen In England

The bestselling pens ever since 2009 are the Staedtler Noris Club 326 WP20 Fibre Tip Pen. It has been said that children like the many different colours that are available to them and they also like the user friendly grip.  This pen is also available here on our site.

11. How Far Will A Ballpoint Pen Write?

It has been said that one of the most interesting bits is that the average writing length of a ballpoint pen is 900 meters (the longest was 2,000).  It was a black Bic pen that was also previously used before the test. This pen is also available on our site.

Ballpoint pen

12. Space Pen

In the late 1990s, NASA decided to design a pen to be used in space. They used millions of dollars and lots of time do design this pen but still couldn’t come up with a concept. However the Russians decided to take up a pencil instead. This saved millions of dollars and lots of time.

13. Before The Rubber

It has been said that before the invention of erasers, writers and artists used bread crumbs to erase mistakes. However it did not fully remove the mistake but only made it worse by smudging it.

Bread crumbs

14. Pencil Facts

Did you know that you can use a pencil underwater on limestone! This is due to the pencil being made out of lead and therefore being able to write on any hard surface. A disadvantage of this is that lead is extremely poisonous. This is due to it being made out of Carbon.

15. Ballpoint

Did you know that every year over 100 people die choking on a ballpoint pen. 85% are usually under the age of 8. This depressing fact has had a minor Impact since 2002. DON’T PUT PENS IN YOUR MOUTH!

Ballpoint pen

16. Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen Ink

Did you know that rubbing the Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen ink with its eraser causes the ink to heat up and become invisible. However, the ink is still there, and extreme cold temperatures (-10 degrees Celsius or under) will cause make it visible again.

Pilot Frixion Erasable Pen Ink

17. How Old are Pens

Did you know that writing instrument inventions (such as the Quill) have been around for over 5000 years. The ancient Egyptians used strands of hay and ink made out of red ochre mixed with vegetable gum and beeswax. As you can imagine, the texture was extremely thick and sticky.

18. Sale location

Did you know, in the early 1850’s, Birmingham became one of the top pen nib manufacture, producing over half of all the pens in the world. The most dominant countries were China and Brazil.#

19. Retention is better when taking notes

It is a known fact that when you want to remember something for example a date of birth or exam information, it is better to write it down. This is due to the flow of note taking being quicker and more fluent than typing. It is also healthier due to not needing to constantly look at a screen and get migraine. it is also good for the mind as you find yourself concentrating more.


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